Battery Lix30L-Bs Q Lion Shido LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)

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MotoSparepartner offers you: Battery LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido);

Beschrijving Nederlands: Accu LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)
Description English: Battery LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)
Descrizione Italiano: Batteria LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)
Francais Description: Batterie LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)
Beschreibung Deutsch: Batterie LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)
Descripcion Espanol: Bateria LIX30L-BS Q LION (Shido)

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Battery specifications:
Lithium Ion, Maintenance free, Factory Activated, LiFeP04
Scroll down for more details about preparing, installing, maintaining and charging the Shido LIX30L-BS Q LION battery.

This product is (among others) suitable for the following models:

Always check your battery manual before installation!

It’s recommended to give a charge before placing in service for approximately 3-5 hours at a charge current in amperes not higher than 1/3 of the given nominal capacity value of the battery.

Fasten the battery firmly to your motorcycle. Be sure not to make a wrong connection of the battery’s positive and negative terminals.
Instructions for installing battery:
Always mount positive terminal first, after that mount the negative terminal.
Instructions for removing battery:
Always disconnect negative terminal first, after that disconnect the positive terminal.
If the battery contains a breather pipe, do not fold or crimp the battery’s exhaust tube. It may cause explosion if the tube is pinched!

Keep the battery always clean, apply grease around terminals to prevent corrosion.

Recharging is necessary when the lights and the horn are getting weak, and when you keep the battery unused for longer than one month. Charge the battery with a trickle charger.
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