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Beschrijving Nederlands: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE
Description English: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE
Descrizione Italiano: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE
Francais Description: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE
Beschreibung Deutsch: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE
Descripcion Espanol: PROTECTOR, EX. PIPE

Extra product information:
State: NEW

Suitable for the following models:
Honda SH300 2007
Honda SH300 2008
Honda SH300 2009
Honda SH300 2010
Honda SH300 2011
Honda SH300 2012
Honda SH300 2013
Honda SH300A 2007
Honda SH300A 2008
Honda SH300A 2009
Honda SH300A 2010
Honda SH300A 2011
Honda SH300A 2012
Honda SH300A 2013
Honda SH300AR 2008
Honda SH300R 2008
Honda SH300R 2012
Honda SH300R 2013
Honda SH300RA 2012
Honda SH300RA 2013
Product TypeGeneric
Categories Elektrisch
Price (excl. tax)€5.37
Price (incl. tax)€6.50
Tax high (21%)€1.13
Availability Available
Levertijd Levertijd 2 tot 6 weken
Source OEM (Original)
Condition New
Productnumber 18370KTW900
Manufacturer Honda