Sleeve (Used) - 258775 ||| Piaggio, Sfera, Zip, 80 258775US001


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MotoSparepartner offers you: Sleeve (OEM Number: 258775);
Be aware, this part is used!

Beschrijving Nederlands: Mouw
Description English: Sleeve
Descrizione Italiano: Fodero
Francais Description: Protection
Beschreibung Deutsch: Schutzstuck
Descripcion Espanol: Proteccion

This product is (among others) suitable for the following models:
Piaggio, Sfera, Zip, 80
Product TypeGeneric
Categories Elektrisch
Price (excl. tax)€0.00
Price (incl. tax)€0.00
Tax high (21%)€0.00
Availability Unavailable
Levertijd Niet meer leverbaar
Source OEM (Original)
Condition Used
Productnumber 258775
Manufacturer Generic