Taillight Bs1004A Fri 1793 BS1004AFRI1793

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MotoSparepartner offers you: Butler England Taillight Complete (OEM Number: Massey Ferguson: 54057291, 884001M92);

Beschrijving Nederlands: Butler Achterlicht trekker Compleet aluminium
Description English: Taillight tractor Complete Red rear light lamp lens alloy
Descrizione Italiano: Fanale trattore Posteriore rosso aluminio
Francais Description: Taillight tracteur Complete
Beschreibung Deutsch: Rucklicht Schlepper Komplett rot aluminium
Descripcion Espanol: Luz tractor Trasera aluminio

This product is (among others) suitable for the following models:
Massey Ferguson Leyland Nuffield tractor Red rear light lamp lens 135, 148, 165, 168, 175, 178, 185, 188 245, 253, 255, 270, 285, 344, 384, 2100 3/45, 4/6

including mounting rubber

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Condition New
Source OEM (Original)
Manufacturer Butlers England
Productnumber BS1004AFRI1793