Wrench Remov.Cover Sump Filter CM155103

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EN: Wrench Remov.Cover Sump/Filter | OEM Number: CM155103
NL: Bedekking Carter En Filter
IT: Portello Ispezione
FR: Porte D'Inspection
DE: Oeckel
ES: Tapa

Suitable for the following models:
Aprilia, ATLANTIC 300 (VIN: ZD4SPG00), 2010-2012
Aprilia, SPORT CITY 125-200-250 125-200-250CC (VIN: ZD4VB002,ZD4VBA01,ZD4VBB00,ZD4VBC00), 2006-2008
Aprilia, SPORT CITY CUBE 125-200 125-200CC CARB (VIN: ZD4VBE,ZD4VBG), 2008-2010
Aprilia, SPORT CITY CUBE 250-300 250-300CC INJECTED (VIN: ZD4VBC01,ZD4VBH,ZD4VBL), 2008-2012
Aprilia, SPORT CITY ONE 125 125CC (VIN: ZD4SG,ZD4SG000,ZD4SGC00), 2008-2010
Aprilia, SPORT CITY STREET 125 125CC (VIN: ZD4VBM00), 2012
Aprilia, SPORT CITY STREET 300 300CC (VIN: ZD4VBR00), 2012
Aprilia, SR 125-150 125 MOTARD (VIN: LBMM70300), 2012-2014
Aprilia, SR 300 MAX (VIN: ZAPM3560,ZD4M3560), 2012-2013
Scarabeo, SCARABEO 250-300 LIGHT 300 E3 (VIN: ZD4VRG00), 2006-2010
Aprilia, ATLANTIC 125 E3 (VIN: ZD4SPD00), 2010-2012

Product TypeGeneric
Categories Carterdeksel
Price (excl. tax)€11.24
Price (incl. tax)€13.60
Tax high (21%)€2.36
Availability Available
Levertijd Shipped within 2 to 3 businessdays
Source OEM (Original)
Condition New
Productnumber CM155103
Manufacturer Piaggio Group