- About us is an initiative of Robbie Leerkes (1981). Already at the age of 13 he began tinkering with and riding motorbikes. It started with a Jawa moped, but soon afterwards are also many Honda mt'5 s and zundapps passed. When a cousin bought an Aprilia af1 50 in 1987 and Robbie helped with repairing them is the enthusiasm arisen for the Italian brands.


After also some friends an Aprilia Futura 50 had purchased was decided to also go Aprilia drive yourself: a rs 50 built in 1993. The experience with repairing some Aprilia's from the neighborhood and a healthy commercial spirit were used to Aprilia's trading.

In many cases had to be repaired after the mopeds trifle could be resold. Problem was often the availability of parts. Often do not get or long delivery times. Through a tip from a neighbor (lover of classic motorcycles), which was common in Italy, the link with Italy established since 2001 and there is a lively trade arose from Aprilia parts. First as a hobby, later, the step was taken in 2004 to make it an official business of.


Only in 2005 was the first version of the website online; a static site with some brief information on some 50cc models with gears. In 2006 came and improved version online but through ignorance in the field of ICT websites and the site was never complete and well-functioning online. Thereof purchased a back-office system is aware in mid-2008, collected and procured information on a web designer and targets for a new website. The aim of the new site was to search for parts using vieuw exploded drawings. The last (current) version is online since the end of July 2011.

After 5 years have been in Voorst (Gelderland) is Aprilia parts (part of Leerkes Motofun) Twello moves to mid-2009. There is an extra large storage to disposal. Daily is now working to make it as complete as possible of the web site, product range and improve the service to the customer. Aprilia Parts is committed to the widest possible range of products with the shortest possible delivery time; both new, used and aftermarket.

After the success of the website MotoSparePartner was founded. MotoSparePartner focuses on parts sales of many European brands and above all the Italian brands.

The new site MotoSparePartner are many new features as this site on smartphones and Ipad incalculable's estate by the responsive layout of the website, but also the function of the hotspots is new. This feature ensures that you will be navigated to the correct part in an easy way. Our aim is also to get a photo with each product so that you get the best picture of the item you are ordering. wishes you a lot of fun on our website!