FAQ Delivery

An article has been in back-order for quite a while. Can I get my money back?
No, as an article in back-order status this already ordered from a supplier. This product will be produced/delivered specifically for you.

An article is in backorder and will be send later. Do I have to pay shipping costs again?
No, you only pay shippings costs once. If something is send later this is done without extra charge.

Can I track my order with Track & Trace?
Yes, after shipping you can track the package online on our site. This way you know exactly when to expect your order.

I have ordered something at MotoSparepartner but didn't get a confirmation. Didsomething went wrong?
As soon as you place an order at MotoSparepartner you receive an email. If you didn't get the email, something went wrong. Email us your address and order number via the email form at Customer Service and we will check what went wrong.

I have placed an order and got a confirmation but haven't heard from it since.
Normally you only hear from us when we have send (a part of) your order. It is possible that an article is in order for a longer time, then you don't hear anything from us. You can check this yourself at ‘Order Status’ on the site. If your order is in progress there it means we haven't forgotten about it. If we know more about the delivery time we will show that information there also.

I haven't received an invoice, how do I get an invoice?
As soon as your order has been payed and completely send, we make an invoice for it. This invoice can be downloaded and printed under 'Order status' on the site.

Is the data about by order at 'Order Status' up to date?
Yes, all data on the site are always up to date. The site is directly linked to our order system. What you see at 'Order Status' is always up to date.

There is an article in back-order, what does this mean?
If an article is in back-order it means we and our supplier didn't have it in stock. We have to wait until the supplier gets new stock. Most of the times this takes 20 to 40 work days.

What happens if I’m not at home when the mail man comes with a package?
Then the delivery company do his own procedure for this situation.

When will you start selling parts for a new brand/model?
If your brand or model is not listed yet, we don't have plans to sell parts for it yet. If you think we really should list your model please let us know by sending an email to our customer service and we will try to help you.

Who takes care of the delivery of my order?
Delivery is taken care of by DPD. Packages are delivered to your door. If you are not at home, the delivery man will try again later or will let you know where you can collect your package.